Who We Are

David DalyDavid Daly
Bryan ShanleyBryan Shanley
Jonathan MillerJonathan Miller
Ed DalyEd Daly
Vice President of Marketing
Sean DalySean Daly
Operations Manager; Fleet, Facilities, and Supply
Dave GreenDave Green
Clinical Coordinator
Joseph ShanleyJoseph Shanley
Operations Manager-Specialty Care Transport
John HebertJohn Hebert
Director of Operations
Dr. Jonathan Drake, MDDr. Jonathan Drake, MD
Medical Director
Sheri NuttoliSheri Nuttoli
Transportation Administrator
Amanda LehmanAmanda Lehman, NREMT
Operations Manager-Dispatch/Scheduling
Jim CorbettJim Corbett
Operations Supervisor
Bryan BlackBryan Black
Operations Supervisor
Emmie Lou RobertsEmmie Lou Roberts
Field Supervisor
Mary BiedronMary Biedron
Field Supervisor